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A Thought
I don’t know if you heard or not, but there has been chatter lately that Jesus’ tomb was discovered. Not Jesus’ body (which Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15 would mean a lot), but the place where his body was laid. It’s a pretty amazing find, and while it’s not definitively proven, the evidence really points that way.

Does that mean we should worship that spot? No, but it does lend even more proof down through the centuries that our faith is in fact rather than fantasy. Paul told people, “I could go find a couple hundred eye witnesses if you want” (also in 1 Corinthians 15), but today we rely on the eye witnesses recorded in Scripture and the archeology that is constantly uncovered and points to the truth that is revealed in God’s Word.

ng-news-christ-tomb-001That tomb that was found has artifacts, but no body. That’s because Jesus’ rose again and reigns on high. He reigns on high regardless of who has been elected president. He reigns on high and will return regardless of who leads nations, countries, or the world as a whole because we only have on king and he doesn’t get old, nor sick, nor close to death because he defeated death and he gives us the faith which trusts in him so that we will defeat death in Jesus’ name as well. Praise be to God!

Here’s a link to a National Geographic article about Jesus’ tomb that includes pictures.
Here’s a link to a segment from IssuesEtc on the topic as well.

Bible Study
Highschool/College Age – In the Ed Building. We’ll be continuing our study of Jeremiah.
Jr High – In the multi-purpose room continuing a study in the Synoptic Gospels.

11/13 – Birrittier
11/20 – ?
11/27 – Collmeyer
12/4 – ?

11/20 (12-2)
BASIC Youth Group

Tuesday’s in November
“Christian Friends of New Americans” (CFNA): We have some volunteer opportunities on Tuesdays to help kids with homework and show them Christian friendship as a whole. Contact the Janssens for more information

Cookie Walk: You’ll see more info in the bulletin as it draws closer, but now you can put it on your calendar.

Feel free to call or visit with questions, or to just talk in general.