Throughout the year there are a number of fellowship opportunities at Immanuel. Be sure to check out our calendar to see the schedule for various events, activities, and Bible Studies.

Our Evangelism Board organizes activities throughout the year that we will add to the calendar as they are scheduled as well as overseeing the fellowship groups that are sponsored by Immanuel. We generally have an outdoor service on the first Sunday of June followed by a picnic, as well as a Bingo Night in February and a Fall Bonfire in October. Other events are scheduled when possible.

Here are some of the ongoing fellowship opportunities we have going on.

For Men

Men’s Group – The men of Immanuel meet on the last Thursdays of the month at 7:15 pm. The location alternates from month to month. One month they meet on the church property and the following month they meet at a restaurant or some other venue. The men take time for fellowship before digging into the Scriptures and various topics of discussion. They also organize various service project and outings for men to have a place to have comradery as they grow in Christ. Events and details can be found on the church calendar. You can also sign up for emails.

For Women

Women’s Christian MinistryWCM engages in many activities throughout the year. Some activities revolve around service projects while others are more exclusively related to fellowship.

Quilter’s Guild – Join us every Tuesday from 1-4 pm and every Thursday from 1-7 pm. We meet in the education building. All levels of quilters are welcome! Contact Taryn Niemeyer (618-939-7982) for details.

For All Adults

Book Club – The book club is a small group for avid readers. This group meets together to discuss various books each month throughout the year.  The book club meets in the library at Immanuel at 7:00 pm on the 1st Monday of each month (October-May) and on the 2nd Monday in September.  All are welcome to join in their discussions!

Christmas Caroling – Usually in December and organized by Ann Frank, our Music Director, and the Board of Social Ministry.  Click here for a booklet of Christmas carols.

For Junior High and High School Students

BASIC (Brothers And Sisters In Christ) Youth Group – Grades 6-12
In addition to Bible and Topic Study on Sunday mornings, the youth gather together on the last Sunday of the month from 12-2 to build one another up and have a fun time of fellowship. While Pastor Demski addresses different topics while everyone spends time together, this is a time for roundtable discussion on whatever topics those in attendance wish to discuss as they hang out. Throughout the year BASIC serves the community, goes on retreats, and overall strives to make stronger disciples of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. The church supports BASIC, but BASIC also raises funds throughout the year for some of its bigger activities. If you’d like more information, please feel free to contact us. You can also join our Facebook Group for other events and information.