Rev. Merritt Demski, Pastor

Pastor Demski is a 2016 graduate of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, MO. He served his vicarage and 4th year of fieldwork at Immanuel. He then began serving Immanuel as Associate Pastor in 2016. In 2019 he became Immanuel’s Administrative Pastor. He teaches various Bible studies at Immanuel and serves the community and synod in a variety of ways. He and his wife, Veronica, have one daughter and one son. Pastor Demski enjoys film and literature and spending time with family.

Lisa Clamors, Church & Preschool Secretary

Lisa has been the secretary/office manager at Immanuel since May 2004.  She is responsible for the overall management of the church office and provides administrative support to not only the church staff but also to our preschool and other ministry boards and groups.  She and her husband, Rodney, have been active members of Immanuel for many years.  They become host parents in 2018 to two young men, Kunqi & Minseok, and are enjoying every minute of it. She enjoys spending time with Rodney & her boys, other family and friends as well as walking & being outdoors.

Ann Frank, Music Director

Ann has been serving as Immanuel’s Music Director since November 2008.  She and her husband, Warren, are a blessing to Immanuel.  Ann is extremely dedicated to her job, and it shows! Visit the Music page for more details about our music programs.

Tina DeMond, Custodian

Tina began in this position in January 2022. She is getting the hang of it and seeming to enjoy it. Tina lives in Waterloo, and has a daughter & son-in-law, Jackie & Sandy Nichols, and two grandchildren, Reagan & Blake.

Ed Arras, Groundskeeper & Maintenance

Ed began this role in July 2020. He and his wife, Debbie, have been longtime members of Immanuel. They have two children, Jennifer (Matt) & Eddie, and 4 grandchildren, Lilly, Madalyn, Nolan, and Eddie Jr.

Linda Polansky, Preschool Director

Linda began the role as Preschool Director/Teacher in July 2016 and has been a great addition to our staff.  Linda is ECE Director Qualified with a masters in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix and a bachelor’s in Management/ Communications from Concordia University-Mequon.  She is dedicated to serve our very young children in the community. Linda does all that she can to make sure that each preschool student thrives academically in order to succeed in BIG school to the best of his/her abilities. Just as important, she recognizes that positive emotional/social learning experiences help young children grow into happy helpful and caring adults. With Jesus as the center of the classroom, her preschool students understand that they are loved and respected unconditionally. Linda & her husband, Bob, live in Waterloo, and have 2 grown children, Sarah (Drew) & Josh, and 2 grandchildren, Adalynn and Drake. When she is not teaching, Linda is playing bells at church, going on mission trips, leading preschool VBS and working with children and staff at Camp Wartburg. Linda has spent half her life working with children and will continue to do so as long as God leads her down this path to teach and nurture our very young and most precious gifts. Visit our Preschool page for more details about our preschool.

Donna Sandersfeld, Preschool Teacher’s Aide

Donna is not new to this role. She previously served as Immanuel’s Preschool Aide about 15 years ago. She and her husband, Kyle, live in Waterloo. They have three grown children, Becky, Andrew, and Aaron, and two grandchildren. Donna served at various other daycare and preschool centers over the years but is happy to be back serving the kiddos at Immanuel.