Greetings in Jesus’ name!

Pastor Troup will be preaching this weekend on the Gospel text from John chapter 2. In this passage, Jesus flips the tables of the money changers and drives out the people who are corrupting God’s house. He does this and then predicts his death and resurrection by talking about the destruction of God’s true temple (Christ’s own body) and how it will be raised again in 3 days.

There are many passages that tell us that all Scripture points to Christ. Two great examples are John 5:39 and Luke 24. But, in the Gospel lesson, we see another example of this truth.

As Jesus is flipping tables and driving out thieves, the disciples remember Psalm 69 (the introit for this weekend) and how God’s servant would be zealous for God’s house. We certainly see that zeal as Jesus casts out the people who are unrepentantly cheating and manipulating God’s people.

How appropriate that our introit this week points us to Christ in our Gospel lesson. As we enter into service (hence “introit” Latin for entrance) we are reminded of the zeal Christ had for His Father’s how and how his passion to obey His Father took Him to the cross for your and my salvation. Jesus cleanses the temple and then points the people to the fact that the real temple is Christ’s own body which would soon be torn down, but then raised back up 3 days later.

Jesus was zealous for His Father’s house and He shows that same zeal for your salvation. Praise be to God!

Take a few minutes to look through some of the resources below as you prepare to receive God’s good gifts and to praise His name this weekend.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Blessings on your day!

Pastor Merritt

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If you have a few minutes you can learn more about the liturgy for service this upcoming weekend from Issues, Etc.

LCMS Lectionary Summary:

The Crucified and Risen Body of Jesus Is the True Temple of the Lord

The Lord rescues His people, Israel, “out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery” (Ex. 20:2) and makes His gracious covenant with them, defined by the Ten Commandments. Since He has become their God by His grace, they shall be His people, having “no other gods” before Him (Ex. 20:3). He is “jealous” for them as a husband for his wife and as a father for his children. He has named them with His name and called them to rest in Him (Ex. 20:5–9). The incarnate Son, Christ Jesus, is likewise jealous for His Father’s house, because it is to be a place of divine grace and Sabbath rest for His people, and not “a house of trade” (John 2:16–17). His zeal consumes Him as He gives up “the temple of his body” to the destruction of the cross, but in three days He raises it up again to be the true temple forever (John 2:17–21). By His crucifixion He cleanses the entire household, and in His resurrection He becomes “wisdom from God, righteousness and sanctification and redemption” (1 Cor. 1:30).

If you weren’t able to attend service last week here’s a recording of last week’s service.

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