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Bible Study
High School/College-Age: Meet by the Donut table…we’ll either take chairs outside or meet in my office…not sure which yet | Digging into what a Christian’s devotional and prayer life looks like. Here’s the resource that’s acting as the skeleton of our study, though we won’t be following it exactly. There’s a free download available through the link above. See you at Sunday School!
7th-8th graders: Multipurpose Room | Discussing the Synoptic Gospels with Mr. Stumpf.

 4/23 – No one
See the website for the rest of the schedule and to sign up. Or sign up on the sheet at the coffee & donuts table.

Be sure to see the church calendar for other upcoming events

4/23 – 12 to 2 youth group. (The groundbreaking will be Sunday, so we’ll start after that wraps up.) We’ll meet in the gym since the ed building basement’s out of commission at the moment. We’re going to talk, have some food, and enjoy. We’ll also be stuffing some envelopes with thank you letters for some people who just very generously donated to our youth group in response to a family member passing away.

FYI: The following is from an individual who works with CFNA in St. Louis, making us aware of a 5K being held at Concordia Seminary on May 6th.

“I am Rev. Stanish Stanley and I work at Christian Friends of New Americans (CFNA), a ministry among refugees in the St. Louis area. I am sure that you are aware of our After School Tutoring Volunteer Mrs. Jennifer Janssen who is a member of your congregation. Mrs. Janssen in fact plays an important role in taking care of our Tuesday tutoring program especially among younger kids at our CFNA Peace Center. Knowing Mrs. Janssen and her service spirit, I wanted to reach out to you, because I believe that you and the work of your colleagues at Immanuel instills this desire to serve our neighbor. So, I wanted to reach out and establish a contact with you in order to find out more possibilities for engagement with Immanuel depending on your interest.

Alongside, I wanted to request your prayers and support for our Ministry. Specially, if possible please consider sharing the below information with your congregation. We have a Fundraiser (and Friend-raiser) coming up, namely, the 3rd Annual CFNA Walk/5K Run at the Concordia Seminary on Saturday, May 6th beginning at 10 am (9 am registration!). In fact we have heard that you too like Walkathons, and our Chair for this event Mr. Harold Melser wanted me to definitely contact you and invite you and the congregation to this event. So, if you would be prayerfully led to participate or inspire your congregation members to attend, please find more information and an online registration at: http://www.cfna-stl.org/walk

Feel free to call or visit with questions, or to just talk in general.