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Brothers And Sisters IChrist

Bible Study
High School/College-Age: Ed Building | Digging into what a Christian’s devotional and prayer life looks like. Here’s the resource that’s acting as the skeleton of our study, though we won’t be following it exactly. There’s a free download available through the link above. See you at Sunday School!
7th-8th graders: Multipurpose Room | Discussing the Synoptic Gospels with Mr. Stumpf.

 3/26 – No one
See the website for the rest of the schedule and to sign up. Or sign up on the sheet at the coffee & donuts table.

4/23 – 12 to 2 youth group.

Sunday afternoon is the deadline to let me know if you want to go on the Creation Museum and Ark in Kentucky this summer 7/13-7/16

Here are some of the details from that meeting (this was sent out in a previous email, but in case you didn’t get that email…here’s that information again):

  1. The trip will be from 7/13-7/16. We’ll leave really early on Thursday (exact time to be determined), and head home after a brief time of prayer and worship either at a local LCMS congregation or with ourselves that Sunday.
  2. We’ll go both to the Creation Museum and Ark which are in Kentucky.
  3. This will be for those who are CURRENTLY 6th-12th grade students. (Other summer activities are open to those who will be in 6th-12th grade the following school year, but we’re keeping this to those who are currently in 6th grade and above).
  4. We will stay in a hotel that is available and has as many as the desired accommodations as the group that met today would like to have (i.e. pool, breakfast, and is relatively close to the attractions). Of course, we’re at the mercy of what is available, but those were the kinds of elements today’s group wanted to have for a hotel that we’d be staying in for 3 nights.
  5. Depending on numbers we’ll travel via caravan (about 5-6 hours at most), or we might have access to a larger van.
  6. If you want to go the deadline to let me know is Sunday (3/26). Even if you have said something to me at some point like, “maybe”, or “I’m pretty sure” or “I’ll check my calendar” you MUST talk to/email me by Sunday (3/26). My official collection for the “who’s going?” list starts right now as you read this email. I have to send numbers to the travel agency, so please let me know if you want to go.
  7. The group that met today decided that $55 would be the amount due for those who wanted to go (That is essentially the ticket price). If that isn’t possible in your budget, just let me know and we can take care of that. We don’t want money to be a reason for any person to miss out on this trip, but we also wanted a commitment from people. If you’re curious about how we arrived at that number I can talk to you about how that discussion went during the meeting.

Feel free to call or visit with questions, or to just talk in general.