B.A.S.I.C. Youth Group News
Brothers And Sisters IChrist

Bible Study
High School/College-Age: Ed Building | Digging into what a Christian’s devotional and prayer life looks like. Here’s the resource that’s acting as the skeleton of our study, though we won’t be following it exactly. There’s a free download available through the link above. See you at Sunday School!
7th-8th graders: Multipurpose Room | Discussing the Synoptic Gospels with Mr. Stumpf.

 3/19 – Niemeyers
See the website for the rest of the schedule and to sign up. Or sign up on the sheet at the coffee & donuts table.

Youth Group – 12-2 There will be pizza during the meeting and we’ll start right after the congregational meeting ends. At this moment I have a conflict that may prevent me from actually being able to attend, but I’m talking with the youth board whether someone else will present info, or whether we’ll reschedule if I can’t be there. Keep a look out for more information. As of right now we’re still meeting, but it COULD be moved. REMEMBER!!! This is meeting is going to be for parents and youth together who are interested in the summer trip to the Creation Museum and Ark.

Feel free to call or visit with questions, or to just talk in general.