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A Thought
3d2f177007026de815cfab89b695bac6Today is Ash Wednesday, which means that today we enter into Lent. Lent is the 40-day period leading up to Easter. There’s no Bible passage that says, “And you shall observe Lent”. However, we do see many Bible passages that talk about being repentant and worshipping the Lord. Plus, as human beings, it’s good to get ready for a celebration.

In Lent we prepare ourselves to celebrate Easter. Not that we don’t remember Jesus’ death and resurrection every day, but we take some time to slow down and pray and worship. Some people even give up a luxury of some sort so they can give to the poor or spend more time in worship. Perhaps, Facebook is distracting you from prayer. During Lent some people fast from Facebook and take time to pray and read Scripture.

Our Salvation isn’t based on what we give up or whether the ashen cross placed on our forehead is dark or not. Instead, our hope and peace are in Christ alone who forgives our sins and during lent we focus on that sacrifice that gives us life. Because without God’s promise we would only have an eternity of dust to look forward to.

Bible Study
High School/College-Age: Ed Building and we’ll continue digging into the book of Matthew.
7th-8th graders: Multipurpose room discussing the Synoptic Gospels with Mr. Stumpf.

 3/5 – No One is Signed Up
See the website for the rest of the schedule and to sign up. Or sign up on the sheet at the coffee & donuts table.

Concordia Seminary Food Bank service opportunity – March 11th we’ll leave the Ed Building at 1 pm and be back by 4:30 pm. We’ll take the food and supplies collected by the church over to the Seminary and stock shelves, clean, and do whatever else they need us to do while we’re there. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Youth Group – 12-2 (As of this moment, this is the same day as the congregational meeting about the narthex expansion, so we’ll start youth group after that meeting…may be some delay).

Feel free to call or visit with questions, or to just talk in general.