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A Thought

Christmas is upon us and it’s a great time of year to show Christian love and care to the people around us. Not, that there’s ever NOT a good time to do that, but Christmas is a great time to be loving. While people argue that Jesus is just a fantasy that people talk about to feel better, at Christmas time we celebrate the historical event of Jesus’ birth. As we go through this season we have to be patient with the people around us and understand that not everyone knows the hope of Christ that we have. Not everyone knows why this season is so amazingly special and wonderful. So, when we talk to people, let’s have patience and share the truth in love. And we can try not to be like the guy in the first example of this Adam4d Comic.


Bible Study
Highschool/College Age – In the Ed Building. Creation vs Evolution: The Facts, Myths, and Social Impact.
Jr High – In the multi-purpose room continuing a study in the Synoptic Gospels.

12/4 – Jacobs
12/11 – Birrittier
12/18 – ? (Possibly Collmeyers)
12/25 – Christmas

Wednesdays Starting Tonight (11/30) through 12/14
Advent Soup Suppers begin at 5pm and worship begins at 7:30.

Cookie Walk

Christmas Caroling. Be at the church by 2:45pm so you can join us in sharing God’s Word through song at the local nursing homes. Questions? Just let me know.

Nerf War and Gym Fellowship – From 6-8pm we’re going to have a great time of food and activities in the gymnasium at church. If you have questions, please let me know.

Feel free to call or visit with questions, or to just talk in general.