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At Sunday Morning Bible Study this week, we’re starting a series on Evolution vs Creation. We’ll talk about the Facts, the Myths, and the Social Impact of both worldviews. Of course by “worldviews” I mean that we’ll be talking about the THEORY of evolution in comparison with the facts of creation. I say that boldly and confidently. Want to know why? Come on by on Sunday morning.



Bible Study
Highschool/College Age – In the Ed Building. Creation vs Evolution: The Facts, Myths, and Social Impact.
Jr High – In the multi-purpose room continuing a study in the Synoptic Gospels.

11/27 – Collmeyer
12/4 – ?
12/11 – Birrittier
12/18 –

Tuesday’s in November
“Christian Friends of New Americans” (CFNA): We have some volunteer opportunities on Tuesdays to help kids with homework and show them Christian friendship as a whole. Contact the Janssens for more information

Thanksgiving Eve and Day Services (7:30pm and 9am)
Both services are the same, so we’d love to see you at the one that best fits your family’s schedule.

Cookie Walk: You’ll see more info in the bulletin as it draws closer, but now you can put it on your calendar.

Christmas Caroling. Be at church by 3pm so you can join us in sharing God’s Word through song at the local nursing homes. Questions? Just let me know.

Feel free to call or visit with questions, or to just talk in general.