The Breath of Life and the Death of Life: What the Apostles Creed Says about Real Life

A Catechetical Retreat
February 22 (-23, 2019
Camp Wartburg
5705 LRC Road
Waterloo, Illinois

To register,

  1. Please go to
  2. Click on the “register for camp” button near the top of the page on the right side
  3. Create a login or use an existing log in
  4. Select “Catechetical retreat”
  5. Complete the information
  6. Go to (or choose “Retreats->Download Forms” from the Camp Wartburg home page) and select “High Ropes Form” and bring it with you to the retreat.

Each congregation sending youth will have 1 chaperone for every 8 participants of the same gender.

Theme: What most people call life–a heartbeat, breath, and brainwaves–is really just death waiting to happen. Real Life–life that outlasts death–comes from our Father, Son, and Holy Spirit God. At our 2019 Catechetical Retreat, our Bible studies will explore what the Apostles Creed teaches us about the God who supplies Real Life and how that affects us every day. We’ll hear how a lump of clay got the breath of life and a living man got the death of life, so we sinners can be revived by a new breath of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s this all about?

This retreat is a chance for 5th-8th grade Christians to continue to grow in faith in Jesus Christ through Scripture, the Small Catechism, and worship.  The theme of the retreat focuses on the Apostles’ Creed as a living confession of faith in the lives of everyone.

How is this different than confirmation class?

The Bible studies at the retreat are set up to celebrate God’s gifts and to speak to you about God’s promises about real life.  There will be plenty of breaks and games.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $70. There are some additional sources for financial aid.  Please contact Pastor Peter Ill ( for more information.  Lodging, activities, and 3 meals on Saturday are included in the cost.

What do I need to bring?

You should bring a Bible, a Small Catechism (if you have one), a sleeping bag, a pillow, snacks, close toed shoes, pajamas, toiletries, and clothing appropriate for the weather.  You will also need to bring a signed waiver form for the High Ropes Course

Who is teaching the Bible studies?

Pastor Merritt Demski, Pastor Jeff Hemmer, and Pastor Bruce Keseman will be leading the Bible studies. 

What will the worship be like?

The worship services will use the Lutheran Service Book and feature preaching, teaching, and hymns that celebrate God’s gifts of faith in our Triune God.  These services will be similar to the services at your church and will connect you with the whole body of Christ. 

When does it start and when does it end?

You can arrive as early as 6:00 Friday night, and we begin with Evening Prayer at 6:30.  (Please eat before you get to camp.)  We will leave camp at 7:00 Saturday Evening.

If you have more questions that aren’t on this list, please contact Pastor Peter Ill (618-476-3101 or or Camp Wartburg (618 939 7715)

Download Schedule

Friday 6:00 Dining Hall Lobby Check in
Friday 6:30 Sanctuary Evening prayer
Friday 7:15 Dining Hall Downstairs Get to know you games
Friday 7:45 Dining Hall Downstairs Bible Study: Apostles’ Creed – the 1st Article
Friday 8:30   Break/snacks
Friday 8:45 Dining Hall Downstairs Camp Activities
Friday 10:00 Sanctuary Compline/bed time prayers
Friday 11:00 Cabins Lights out
Saturday 7:45 Sanctuary Matins or Morning Prayer
Sat 8:30 Dining hall Breakfast
Sat 9:00 Dining Hall Downstairs Bible Study:  Apostles’ Creed – the humiliation in the 2nd article
Sat 10 Dining Hall wherever Small group preparations for dramatic tellings
Sat 11:00 Dining Hall Downstairs Bible Study: Apostle’s Creed – the exaltation in the 2nd article
Sat 11:45 Sanctuary Responsive prayer
Sat noon Dining Hall Lunch
Sat 12:45 Camp GICs
Sat 1:30 Camp High Ropes
Sat 3:30   Break/Snack (CW)
Sat 3:45 Dining Hall Downstairs Bible Study:  Apostles’ Creed – the 3rd article
Sat 4:30   Break
Sat 4:45 Dining Hall Downstairs Small group dramatic tellings (PI & Chaperones)
Sat 5:15 Dining Hall Evening Prayer (MD)
Sat 6:00 Sanctuary Supper (CW)
Sat 7:00   Clean up and go home