Hey everyone!

Now what?

In 2018, in addition to preaching and leading Bible Studies, I’ve…

  • included the Monday Minute in Lisa’s weekly email
  • sent Midweek Meditation emails
  • sent In Preparation emails which are also available on the church website.

Each of those usually gets shared on our social media outlets as well since our eyes are usually there more than in our emails.

Over the year each of those has been adapted and adjusted, but what will help you all?

Let me first say that weekend Divine Service is always the priority! No resource that Immanuel provides is intended to be a replacement for gathering with Christ’s church each weekend. Set aside Saturday evening or Sunday morning to rest in God’s Word receiving His gifts and praising His name. That will always be my encouragement. As you look at this new year, if you see something that’s coming between you and the reception of Word and Sacrament, it might be time to evaluate priorities. The Devil always wants us to forget the beauty and life in what is promised as we gather, but don’t let the cares of this world choke out faith. We gather to receive the forgiveness of sins and to drink from the fount of life which is God’s Word given in Jesus Christ.

With THAT being said, how can I help over the course of the week?

The Monday Minute usually looks at a hymn sung the previous weekend and how it ties into our life of faith.

The Midweek Meditation is usually a reflection revolving around the theme of the previous Sunday…usually. I also include buzzwords (things we hear or read and don’t always know what it means or why it’s important), Ask the Pastor (when there are questions), and readings from our confessions so we can all get back to the basics each week.

The In Preparation emails (and posts) are intended to help you prepare for the coming weekend’s Divine Service. It’s one thing to warm a seat on Saturday evening or Sunday morning. It’s a whole other thing to prepare our hearts and minds to hear God’s Word and receive it in faith, trusting His promises and repenting where we’ve failed. These emails are intended to help with that process.

You can sign up for those here.

You can also find tons of great resources on the church website.

So…what for this year? What will be of benefit to you all so that you grow as stronger disciples of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit?

Immanuel’s mission statement is: “Making more and stronger disciples of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

We don’t just want more people at Immanuel hearing God’s Word. We want those who are at Immanuel to grow in their faith so they can articulate the good news of Jesus Christ to those around them and to themselves in times of sorrow and temptation.

Call, message, email…whatever. Let me know how any resources I currently provide can be perfected and what other means or communication will be a blessing! It’s good to know how best to use my time don’t ya know. 😉

God’s Word always does the work, but how can I help get that Word to you in 2019?

See you this weekend!

In Christ,

Pastor Demski