Here’s the newest on the Narthex Expansion. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited!

We added 240 bricks to our BYOB wall. Check it out!

Brick Update May 16th

The contractor said that this project will take 22,000 bricks to complete. If you do the math that’s about $20 per brick. When everyone buys some bricks we’ll get there in no time! Buy a few bricks each month, or just one brick as you’re able. $20 per brick? That’s like one really froofy Starbucks coffee thingy. This will be a breeze.

With how quick the narthex is being built I wonder whether we’ll be able to build our financial brick wall before they finish the narthex. I bet we can win! We added 240 bricks since the last update, let’s see if we can get an additional 275 before the next update.

Here are some pictures from the project. Enjoy!