Today’s video update is short and sweet. Make sure to check out the photos that are posted after the video.

(Scroll down for an updated video)

You can see how far we’re coming along with the Narthex physically. Now take a look at how we’re doing financially. I’ll give an update every time I have updated numbers.

Bricks Update May 1st

It will take 22,000 bricks to build this Narthex. For $20 per brick, we can get this all paid for in no time. Think of how nice it will be to stand in our new Narthex talking after service knowing that we don’t have any monthly payments or interest payments because each member “bought” a couple bricks each month and chipped away at that total. $440,000 is a lot nicer than the total after 20 years with interest. This isn’t about a wall of bricks with names on them, but about watching this brick wall rise as we watch our Narthex walls go up. Thank you to all who have already donated on top of your normal offerings. We continue to pray that this project can be all wrapped up quickly, both physically and financially.

I had a chance to do a little bit better of a video, so here you go…

Now, here are some pictures from over the course of this last week. Enjoy!