It’s been another week and here’s another update. I make reference to the history of the Narthex in church history as a place for those who are not yet in the church to go to hear God’s Word. Of course today it’s just the entrance to the church proper, but it’s still a significant place of fellowship and conversation both before and after service. Having a space to converse before worship will be a wonderful addition to our church building so that the sanctuary/nave can be a place of preparation before worship begins. I’m excited about how things are progressing and I look forward to providing more updates along the way.

One other cool, historical note: The baptismal font is located in the narthex of many churches to remind us where we spiritually enter into the church. In the waters of baptism we are brought into the body of Christ as we are brought to spiritual life, therefore churches often have a font at the entrance as a reminder of God’s grace to us apart from our works so we can have eternal life through the forgiveness of our sins. (for other info, here’s a link to the Wikipedia article…no I don’t find Wikipedia to be the most credible source, but the info on this entry is pretty good and a starting place).

Enjoy the pictures and update! If you have questions, please let me know.