When? Sundays from January 22nd to March 19th (9 weeks) from 3-5pm.

Where? Church Overflow Room

How Much? $50 (which is 50% off the actual cost of the kit). If that’s out of your budget, let Pastor Demski know because there are scholarships available and the church doesn’t want money to be the reason you can’t take this class. The videos will also be available online if you want to watch them again or have to miss a night for some reason.

Is this only for church members? No. Any and Everyone is invited to take this class. Please invite friends and family.

Is this just for adults? No. Junior High and High School students can greatly benefit from the majority of the topics presented in this class.

What’s the best way to invite people? The same way you invite people to church. Invite people, and then take the class too so they’re not just sent to a random place with random people.

Why is Immanuel doing this? Money means nothing when it comes to salvation, we’re saved by God’s grace alone, but it certainly means something to those who don’t have money or are struggling paycheck to paycheck in this life. Financial Peace University revolves around Scriptural wisdom and teaches basic principles to enable people to be good stewards of God’s gifts. This is not a “get rich quick” class. This is a “Here are principles to ensure you’re using your money wisely rather than wondering what happened each month” class.

Is this worth it? If you apply the principles? Yes. Talk to Pastor Demski and he can explain how it has greatly benefited Veronica and himself since they took the class. Whether you’re barely staying above water with your money or feeling pretty comfy, you’ll probably get something new and insightful out of this class. This class is actually very fun and engaging.

Can I just, you know, “check it out?” By all means! You can attend the first class for free. (You can let others know that as well).

Most importantly: Will there be food and child care? Yes to both.

When do I have to let you know? As soon as possible please. You can sign up online or let Pastor Demski know so he can sign you up. If you sign up online just click the box that says you already have the materials since the church will be ordering a bulk of kits for those taking the class.

You didn’t answer my question! Talk to Pastor Demski and he can help.

You answered my question. How do I sign up? Either complete send me a message using the form below, or complete the registration on the Dave Ramsey site. (remember to click that you already have the materials).