Greetings in Christ,
After a conversation with Pastor Troup, here’s the deal:

Weather is supposed to be “icky” (I believe that is the technical term). With that being said, tonight’s service is canceled, but I will still be here for those who don’t get this message and brave the ice to attend worship. I will be here regardless since I live next door, but anyone who sees this and is able to stay home and not risk a car wreck is encouraged to do so. Who knows, it could end up being a beautiful evening, but reports are suggesting and things are feeling like we could have conditions similar to last night, so stay home and be safe!
Tomorrow: Pastor Troup will make a final call early in the morning regarding whether there will be service or not, though I may stick around at the building for anyone who happens to show up not having received the message. If church does get canceled and we can get a cancellation onto the early morning news station we’ll do so, but check the church website and the Facebook group for a final confirmation regarding cancellation.
Regardless of what we say, be safe. If the conditions near you are dangerous, then be safe! If you have any questions feel free to call (847-254-9666), message, or email.