Lectures for Laity

Lectures for Laity: This summer on June 22nd

Peace Lutheran–Lemay, is excited to host Pastor Todd Wilken, host of Issues
to lecture on the topic “Why I am a Lutheran”.

Pastor Wilken will present two lectures lasting one hour each.
Doors open at Peace (737 Barracksview Rd, St. Louis, MO 63125) at
11:30 am, with the first lecture at noon, second lecture at 1:15,
followed by a Q&A at 2:30. All are welcome to enjoy these edifying and
FREE lectures then enjoy fellowship in the gym afterward. Hope to see
you there!

Services Canceled Due to Ice!

Good morning!

If you haven’t been outside yet, you’ll find a rather nasty layer of ice over everything with rain still falling. Due to the conditions, services have been canceled.

The news station has been contacted, the voicemail changed, and social media updated, but if you know of anyone who doesn’t see any of those means of communication please let them know.

You can look at this week’s In Preparation where you will find the service folder with the readings, hymns, and prayers so you can take an opportunity this morning to hear God’s Word at home before gathering once again next week.

Lisa, in her thinking ahead ways, recorded last night’s service just in case! I don’t know about you, but I look forward to hearing Pastor Troup’s sermon when it gets uploaded tomorrow!

Be safe and God’s peace be with you!

Pastor Demski