passover11I recently received a question regarding a Wall Street Journal article talking about faith, new life, and the connections between Passover and the Lord’s Supper.

So what do we think about Seder meals and Passover traditions now that Christ has come? I could try to rehash everything in writing, but IssuesEtc recently had a great discussion on this exact topic. The basic gist is that Christ fulfilled the Passover, so there’s no reason to celebrate it any longer. The Passover pointed to Christ and what he has done for us, so we now celebrate the gift given to us in his body and blood in the Lord’s Supper rather than simply doing a meal of remembrance of God’s goodness to the people of Israel as they were led out of Egypt.

Seder Meal Conversation
Here’s a link to a collection of episodes of Issues Etc talking about the Passover and our Christian faith.

Click on the image to take a listen. If you have any question on their discussion, be sure to let me know.