boy-raising-hand-for-question_318-43988Many years ago, Immanuel included a section in the Newsletter called, “Ask the Pastor.” This was a great opportunity for the congregation to ask questions and for a pastor to provide an answer. Sounds pretty simple, right? The answer to a question used to be restricted to the monthly Newsletter, but since we are in this age of technology, I’ll be posting answers to questions here on the website as well as in the monthly answer in the Newsletter.

While I don’t want to create a bigger problem of encouraging people to be glued to a computer screen all day, I do want to provide answers to common questions that come up in Bible studies as well as ones that are specifically asked for the purposes of a reply here.

Sometimes I’ll reply with words, and sometimes with video (whether it’s from me, or someone who’s already done a good job of explaining the answer to a question). However I answer the question, I’m excited to share more Scriptural insights on everything from “Why do we believe what we believe?” to “Why do we do what we do in church?” and “How do I talk to people about…?” If you ever have questions about a post or want to talk about what you see, feel free to send me an email, give me a call, or come in for a chat. I won’t have comments turned on for these posts, specifically because it’s not the most helpful way to engage in discussion compared to a face-to-face or voice-to-voice conversation.

After you look at this and future posts, be sure to look through the website at the church calendar for Bible Studiesfellowship opportunities, community service opportunities, and all of the other info we have to help you get connected at church and within the community as we make more and stronger disciples of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. We’re always adding and updating, so be sure to check back for more information from week to week!

If you have a question about any of this, or you have a question for me to answer here, feel free to send me an email or give me a call.

Have a great day and God bless!

Pastor Demski